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Buncheong Pendant with Flower Design



Buncheong (분청사기) is a form of traditional Korean stoneware from the Joseon dynasty known for its dark, natural, and unassuming utilitarian style. It was developed in contrast to the elegance of inlaid celadon from the Goryeo period. The distinctive designs are created using white (or colored) slip and an iron pigment.


Developed in the late 14th century, it become quite popular in Korea and exported to Japan where it was highly prized for its easy beauty. As the pottery was adopted by tea masters, buncheong started to influence Japanese pottery where it is now known worldwide as Mishima pottery.


Buncheong, after having fallen out of popularity after the 16th century in Korea, has become recognized for its cultural importance and simplistic beauty and continues to influence arts into the 21st century.

Buncheong Pendant with Flower Design

SKU: NE-0001
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