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Embroidered Round Red Silk Tassel

Korean embroidery (chasu – 자수)has a long history and is believed to have started in the 3rd century but the earliest known works are drapes from the 7th century. Embroidery adorned many different objects in a traditional Korean household; clothing, furniture, fans, framed art for the walls, and ceremonial screens.


This beautiful work is a silk tassel (noligae – 노리개) and is used as an accessory to decorate furniture, walls, and women’s traditional clothing (hanbok –호복). They combine two different Korean artistries; knot tying (maedeup – 매듭) and embroidery.


Each tassel is handcrafted so there may be subtle variations in design and color and measures 5.5 cm wide by 38 cm long (2.17 inches x 14.96 inches).


Your tassel will come in a handmade gift box covered in Korean hanji (a type of mulberry paper). They are all the same in design and have the symbol for ‘longevity’ on the top. The colors of the boxes will vary.

Embroidered Round Red Silk Tassel

SKU: TA-008
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