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Medium Wedding Ducks

Traditional Korean Wedding Ducks


Celebrate a wedding with a gift that has all the tradition of 5000 year-old Korea. These wedding ducks are given to each newly married couple at their wedding. The ducks symbolize the lasting love and eternal bonding that ducks in the wild have. Wild ducks mate for life.


Each duck is hand-carved and hand-painted so every set is unique. These ducks are very realistic and each feather is different. The ducks are approximately 19 cm long and 6 cm wide (7.5 inches x 2.36 inches x 3.54 inches). Each set contains a male (the one with the green head) and a female.


Although these ducks have the very serious message of eternal love and companionship, they also have a whimsical story to them. In traditional Korean households, men and woman had separate bedrooms and living quarters, joined by a community sitting room. The ducks were usually kept in the community room. Since there wasn’t a lot of communication between husband and wife, the ducks were used as a means of expression. When love was in the air and someone wanted to spend the night with the other, the ducks were placed face-to-face. When someone was angry or upset, that person would turn his/her duck away from the other.


This is a fun, exciting, unusual, and loving gift whether it is for a bride and groom, an anniversary, or to a loving couple. My mother has kept sets onhand for weddings she attends for the last 22 years. She is always thanked for the originality of her gift.


Each set comes gift wrapped with a card explaining the history of the ducks in Korea.

Medium Wedding Ducks

SKU: DU-002
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