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AuI grew up in a small, secluded, gated community in the Philippines surrounded by a pineapple plantation as far as the eyes could see. This tiny area was my world where I knew everyone and everyone knew me. It was a happy occasion when visitors came and stayed for holidays and it was an even more exciting circumstance when I got to go out of the confines of our compound to travel to nearby places.

I was amazed by all the new things I saw and discovered. I met a lot of people and have maintained friendships with them. Adventures such as these made me yearn to travel more. I have traveled locally since then, more excited than fearful of what the world has to offer.

In 2010, my friend and I won a trip to Bali, Indonesia on a last-minute entry in Reader's Digest Asia,  besting 5,000 contestants. We wrote about how much we desperately needed a vacation. 


Fast forward to today, living in South Korea, I have realized that no matter how much I travel, I’ll still be that person in wonder about the beauty of the world.


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