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Getting My Kicks

Although this isn't a post about Korea, it is about traveling...and, especially ROAD TRIPS! This website is primarily about Korea, now, but in the future we will be adding items, stories, and people from all over the world.

After a family wedding in St. Charles, MO (cutest town ever, I think) I drove myself back to Michigan. I hadn't planned on stopping, but, those brown signs got me, again!

This time, it was a combination of a brown sign, a wagon, and a city name that made me make several stops on my journey home.

Who can resist a sign that reads 'WORLD'S LARGEST COVERED WAGON'? Not this girl! As I got closer, I realized that I would be treated to a GIANT LINCOLN, too! Could my day get any better?

It wasn't terribly far out of my way, so, I made a quick detour with the GPS yelling at me the whole way to, "When possible, make a safe U-turn."

When I got to "The World's Largest Covered Wagon" I can't say I was disappointed. Dorky, maybe....but it was SUPER cool! The avid Little House reader came right out in me and I've always loved Lincoln. And...Lincoln reading a book! Even better. How could this many awesome things be contained in one place?

I wonder what he's reading

On the way to "The World's Largest Covered Wagon" I noticed something just as exciting...I WAS ON ROUTE 66! In all of my meandering, I don't think I've actually been on it before! I just HAD to take a photo!

Getting My Kicks on Route 66!

I thought my day was complete so I listened to my GPS, made a safe U-turn and headed back to the expressway and Michigan. Little did I know that my adventure wasn't over, yet!

Pontiac? I was born in Pontiac...what's it doing in Illinois?

Pontiac, well, I was interested but in a hurry. I was born in Pontiac, Michigan and it would be interesting to see another city with the same name, but maybe next time. WAIT A MINUTE! A brown sign! A museum...a ROUTE 66 museum in Pontiac! Okay, I HAD to stop. I'm SO glad I did. It was a museum for the Illinois part of Route 66. SO many interesting exhibits of our history with cars and road trips (one of my favorite things in life). There were also other museums on the property including the military museum and the whole town is covered in beautiful wall murals representing other times in history. I wish I had taken more photos of the murals. I am so glad I stopped.

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Victoria Elliott
Victoria Elliott
Jul 07, 2018

Brown signs point the way to new experiences!


Au Princena
Au Princena
Jul 03, 2018

I am so jealous! It would have been waaay "funner" if I was with you. :)

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