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Icheon Ceramics Village

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

It only took 22 years, and a couple of false starts, but I finally got there.​ Sort of...

Our day started with a (slightly) planned trip to see the Paralympics. About 30 minutes into our 2.5 hour trip, we hit traffic and everything came to a standstill. After creeping along and hardly making any headway, I noticed a sign for Icheon. I turned to Au and asked if she would like to check out the pottery village rather than POSSIBLY make it to the Paralympics in time to see an event (which we didn't have tickets for anyway). So, we exited the expressway and punched in a new destination.

GPS, while a good thing in most cases, can cause some trouble. Like, typing Incheon rather than Icheon and ending up spending a very pleasant day wandering around China town and checking on Geocaches.

Also, programming 'Icheon Ceramic Village' (in Korean) and getting different results each time. One destination was closed for remodeling, another was a lovely park with lots of ceramics and museums, but not what we wanted. We wanted the pottery studios where things were made!

We are great road trippers. We love going on spur-of-the-moment road trips. Often leaving at 2 or 3 am to avoid traffic. But, this time, after traveling up and down the same road several times and stopping at several roadside pottery stores, we were ready to give up and head back.

I noticed a fancy looking shop off to the left and I suggested trying one last place. We still haven't actually made it to the village where they do most of the firing, but we found an amazing assortment of galleries and showrooms nestled in a lovely little valley creeping back into hills.

Stay tuned for more photos and more stories as we continue to explore...

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1 Comment

Scott Guangco Marilou
Scott Guangco Marilou
Jun 28, 2018

Looking forward to your future blogs!

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